Morocco’s National Lottery, La Marocain des jeux et des sports (MJDS) launched its 3andiBlasti campaign to tackle entrenched attitudes and stereotypes in a country that is more culturally biased against female sports than others.

It has set out a manifesto to outline its core goals.

“Sport is a force that promotes physical well-being and social empowerment. It is an engine for equality, especially gender equality.”
Because sport is a powerful tool for promoting values: solidarity, responsibility, respect, inclusion, team spirit, equality, motivation, self-esteem, each of us we have its place.
# 3andiBlasti combines sports with women.
# 3andiBlasti encourages women in their sport
# 3andiBlasti opens the stadium doors for girls and women
# 3andiBlasti puts women at the heart of the action
# 3andiBlasti puts women at the heart of the ring
# 3andiBlasti wants to go beyond stereotypes
# 3andiBlasti passes the baton to new generations
# 3andiBlasti: the ball is in your camp!

Increase and support women in sports