Dream Crazy

Nike’s Dream Crazy campaign, was developed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the sportswear brand’s “Just Do It” slogan. Nike describes this as a motivational call for athletes worldwide, participating in all sports, at all ability levels. Narrated by NFL quarterback, and star of the 30-year “Just Do It” campaign, Colin Kaepernick, it features a range of athletes from a variety of backgrounds in a variety of sports.

Included are high-profile female athletes such as tennis legend Serena Williams, boxer Zeina Nassar and skateboarder Lacey Baker, alongside figures such as Alicia Woollcott, a Michigan student that played linebacker in her school football team in the same year she was named homecoming queen. The campaign’s core message – that sports are for all genders, of any ability – is made even more powerful because it is run by such a high-profile brand.

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